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# Friday, November 1, 2013

Dell's Latitude 6430u laptop had a recent issue that left some user's wanting to open the Window. A chemical used in the manufacturing process left laptops smelling like cat urine reports the Telegraph.

One user writes: "The machine is great, but it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcats litter box."

After users complained of the issue on Dell's support forum, Dell responded with an official statement promising to fix the issue. If you have this problem, please contact Dell directly for a replacement.

# Published: November 1, 2013
Category: Dell

# Tuesday, May 1, 2012
A recent survey by VocaLabs found Apple to be the tech support leader among three major tech brands: Apple, Dell, and HP. Dell customers were 3 times more likely to leave their brand than Apple customers and HP customers were 5 times more likely to leave their brand. Customer reactions were based on their tech support experience.

If you're looking for a better tech support experience (for any brand), try My Phone Support first. Our agents our friendly, certified in a wide range of technologies, and can often provide better, cheaper support than major brands can offer.

Read more about the VocaLab survey.

# Published: May 1, 2012
Category: Dell | HP | Tech Support | Apple

# Monday, February 27, 2012
Michael Dell announced that Dell will be focusing more and more on servers, "big data," cloud systems, and enterprise IT. Currently, half of Dell's profits come from servers and enterprise products. Dell will probably not be leaving the home consumer PC market anytime soon, but it may end up being a less important part of the companies focus.

See more from the CNBC interview with Michael Dell:

# Published: February 27, 2012
Category: Dell

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