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# Friday, 07 September 2018
Is that same product you were shopping for haunting you all around the internet in banner ads and links? You are probably being "retargeted" or seeing "remarketing" from the big advertisers.

If you're tired of being retargeted by online ads, you can opt-out from some of these ads. Start with the tool from the Digital Advertising Alliance: Your Ad Choices.

# Published: September 7, 2018
Category: Privacy

# Thursday, 04 January 2018
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed in a CNBC interview that security vulnerability has been found in some Intel chips. Google discovered the problem several months ago and Intel has been working with OS partners to fix the issue.

The vulnerability could potentially allow hackers "observe content" on a compromised machine. OS updates will likely be made available in the coming days.

# Published: January 4, 2018
Category: Privacy | Security

# Saturday, 18 November 2017
If you are using Wifi on your phone, computer, tablet, or any other devices, you have new security concern. Security researcher Mathy Vanhoef discovered some vulnerabilities in the WPA2 encryption method.

This means that it could be possible for hackers to break WPA2 wifi encyrption in some scenarios.

What should you do? First, make sure you have the latest update to Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS. This step alone should be the best protection against this bug. Second, see if your Wifi manufacturer has release a patch or firmware update: this site lists some.

Learn more at

# Published: November 18, 2017
Category: Security

# Tuesday, 19 September 2017

It was announced today the CCleaner was hacked and distributed malware hidden inside their program during the month of October. It is current estimated by Avast (owner of CCleaner) to have affected over 2 million computers.

If you have CCleaner installed, we recommend removing it and installing an alternative PC cleaner like My Faster PC from ConsumerSoft.

# Published: September 18, 2017
Category: Malware | Security

# Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Well known antivirus company Kaspersky has been banned from use on U.S. federal Government computers. The Department of Homeland Security expressed "[concerns] about the ties between certain Kaspersky officials and Russian intelligence and other government agencies, and requirements under Russian law that allow Russian intelligence agencies to request or compel assistance from Kaspersky and to intercept communications transiting Russian networks.

In the past, Kaspersky has been well regarded as an antivirus company and has helped fight against hackers and expose notable zero-day hacks.

If you are a Kaspersky users, you may want to consider these new security warnings seriously.

# Published: September 13, 2017
Category: Malware | Privacy | Security

# Sunday, 10 September 2017

Equifax announced a major hack into their system - possibly exposing data on approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. Equifax is one of the three major credit rating companies in America, having access to data like social security numbers, addresses, credit history, income, etc.

It is recommended that you use the Equifax "Potential Impact" tool to see if you may have been affected.

If you have been compromised, you may want to either freeze your credit (at Equifax, Transunion, and Experian) or sign up for a credit monitoring service to watch for fraudulent activity.

# Published: September 9, 2017
Category: Privacy | Security

# Sunday, 14 May 2017
Over 200,000 computers were hit by the WannaCry ransomware attack. WannaCry was a worm that would encrypt a user's data and demand a bitcoin ransom for the data to be decrypted.

Your best defense against WannaCry is to install all critical Windows updates which should close some of the zero-day vulnerabilities that WannaCry was using to infect computers.

This is also an important reminder for having both a local backup and a cloud backup of all your important files, documents, and photos.

If you need assistance with ransomware, making system backups, or other PC problems, please reach out to My Phone Support for assistance.

# Published: May 14, 2017
Category: Malware | Security | Tech Support

# Tuesday, 28 March 2017
ArsTechnica reports that in Illinois a class-action lawsuit is being brought against Microsoft for their confusing and sometimes deceptive attempts to get users to upgrade to Windows 10. The law firm Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin are representing a class of people who suffered hard drive failures, data loss, and various other problems.

While Windows 10 is now regarded an improved and more stable operating system, the many attempts to entice users into upgrading generated significant controversy.

# Published: March 28, 2017
Category: Microsoft

# Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Microsoft announced today the end of support for all versions of Internet Explorer older than IE 11. This means if you have Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, or 10 than your software is no longer supported.

Microsoft warns that "security updates patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware" which may leave these old browsers susceptible to attacks and exploits.

If you need help upgrading your browser or simply want a system security review, please call My Phone Support today for assistance.

Additional information can be found on the Microsoft webpage for IE End of Support.

# Published: January 12, 2016
Category: Microsoft | Security

# Wednesday, 02 September 2015
Are you having problems with your Windows 10 upgrade? You're not alone. Many users have experience black screens, endless updates, driver issues, and wide range of problems when upgrading.

Since Windows 10 was released as a free upgrade for some many Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems, it exposed end users to a host of problems with driver and software configuration. Microsoft is working quickly to patch many of these problems.

So if you haven't upgraded yet, it might be best to wait a few months for some of the major issues to be patched.

If you have upgraded and are having problems - please contact My Phone Support today. We've been helping many people get their systems upgraded, drivers patched, and PC's working correctly.

# Published: September 1, 2015

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